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We spent years collaborating with a well respected child’s reading specialist and writer to work through ideas that ignite a lifelong love of reading and creative thinking.  We learned a lot from this collaboration and want to share what we learned with you as additional reading activities for you and your child.  As parents, we know how difficult it is to know how best to get our children to ignite a lifelong love of reading and creative thinking.  These E-Books are based on a lot of experience and professional advice.  Please feel free to distribute to others who would find the contents useful.

Let’s Read! E-Book

Download Let’s Read!PDF (1.5MB)

Sketchy ReadingDid you know more than 17.5 percent of American children, a group numbering about 10 million; will have difficulties in reading during their first three years of school?  The chapters in this e-Book were written by Dr. Diana Sharp. You’ll discover very creative ways to plant seeds of a lifelong love of reading in your child. Dr. Sharp has been a key member of the Sabi team since we all started our passionate journey back at Microsoft to create games that are Pure Fun made Educational.  We have learned so much from her that we wanted to share her thoughts with you.

Sketchy Adventures E-Book

Download Sketchy Adventures PDF (2.1MB)

Sketchy Adventure 3 The Sketchies are waiting to go on an adventure with you and your child!  Each adventure is designed to engage your child in using their creativity and imagination to come up with their own endings.

What amazingly delightful endings will your child come up with?