Pure Fun Made Educational

A whole new world of education

The renowned learning scientist, Dr. John Bransford, calls ItzaBitza and ItzaZoo “a breakthrough in childrens’ learning.” And the Toy Man Award evaluators proclaimed:

“…This very well could be a stepping stone to a whole new world of education for toddlers, far more effective with a greater level of productive results.”

Paradigm shifting kids game design

Why are these drawing games considered a paradigm shift in learning? In the past, educational “games” relied on design input from adults and curriculum designers. This makes sense from a marketing perspective since it is the adult that is buying the game.  We took a drastically different approach. Our design strategy was based on:

  • Work from a team that has spent countless hours playing and creating video games.  Our team consists of gamers and moms of gamers who have shipped many successful Xbox and PlayStation games.  Video games have been part of team members’ lives since they were young kids.
  • The implementation of a process that allowed us to quickly spit out interactive prototypes of games which we reviewed with many, many children.
  • A tight collaboration between our game designers and 5-10 year old children.
  • Evolving our technologies to advance interactive children’s play to the next level through a partnership with a well known and respected expert in this field –  
  • A three year research effort at Microsoft Corporation where we explored 30+ years of cognitive psychology on how children learn through a tight collaboration with a renowned learning science team led by Dr. John Bransford.

Our approach took a lot of time and lot of money.  We felt this was the only way to make the monumental shift in Pure Fun Made Educational that we started out to do while at Microsoft.  ItzaBitza and ItzaZoo deliver on our vision that was started three years before Sabi, Inc. started.  Our games aren’t based on a popular movie or TV character.  Our games are designed to engage children in creative thinking, creative problem solving, and reading comprehension as a natural part of play.

Make kids drawings animated and interactive

We also were passionate to shape technology in a way that surprised and delighted children. This is how Living Ink™ came about – our exclusive drawing recognition technology that anticipates what your child draws and then uses their drawings as an interactive part of the game. We got inspired to deliver on Living Ink when one too many researchers told us it was not possible!

Learning to read & problem solving

We took on the hardest problem we could find – learning to read – and created creativity games in which children don’t even realize they are learning to read. They just feel the power and positive self-image that comes with completing explorations and challenges within ItzaBitza or ItzaZoo.